Allow A Recipe To Use One Of Multiple Types Of Resources

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Creating a recipe that can take one of multiple resource types is not that hard. In the vanilla game this can be found with Chitin and Keratin - some recipes allow the use of either. To mirror this behaviour you need to take the following steps:

Note: This method involves remapping resources. If your mod adds custom resources, then remapping them will not cause any problems with the base game. However, if you reparent existing resources (Stone, Wood, etc) your mod will have modified the base game and will no longer be clean or stackable. Proceed with caution.

1. Create an item blueprint that represents all of the possible resource types.
In the case of Chitin and Keratin this is "PrimalItemResource_ChitinOrKeratin".
This item can have any description and icon, but the "DescriptiveNameBase" should express what resources can possibly be used.
2. Create your resource types or select the resources you want to use.
3. Reparent your resource types to the blueprint created in step one.
  • Find the "File" Menu in the PrimalItem

  • Press "Reparent Blueprint"

  • 4. In your "Crafting Resource Requirements" use the blueprint from step one as resource type.
    Now when your item is crafted all items with parent set to your blueprint from step one can be used as resource.