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Replication Important


Must run on server


Should run on server


Must run on client


Should run on client


Requires Multicasting


BPIncrementItemTemplateQuantity - PrimalInventoryComponent

How to Use

Add/remove items to inventory by class type

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Pin Reference Type Description
Target PrimalInventoryComponent PrimalInventoryComponent Reference
Item Template PrimalItemClass Class for the item you want to add/remove from Inventory
Amount Integer Ammount to increase/decrease the quantity by (negative to remove item)
Replicate to Client Bool Replicates changes to Client if True (you want it to be True)
is Blueprint Bool If set to True, it will give blueprints to the items instead of the item
Require Exact Class Match Bool If True, it checks to see if the Exact Item exists before doing anything,
and only will do something if it finds an item of that exact class
Is Crafting Resource Consumption Bool Sets if the added items are to be flagged as 'Crafted' (Confirmation Needed)
Is From Use Consumption Bool Sets if the added items are to be flagged as 'Given on Item Use' (Confirmation Needed)
Is Ark Tribute Item Bool Sets if the added items are to be flagged as 'Ark Tribute Item' (Confirmation Needed)

Pin Reference Type Description
Return Value Integer Amount of items incremented