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Workshop Page

Source Files

The source files are on GitHub

Steam Link

This mod or it's newest version can be found on steam on the following LINK

About the Mod

This is a small mod which just adds one pair of gloves with the power of saitama. The pills are an invention of the Capsule Cooperation and is meant to give you temporarily the power of a Super Saiyan to survive on the ark in the most dangerous scenario.

What can you learn from this mod

  • Addinf new armor parts
  • Work with Buffs activated by armor
  • Making armor absorb all damage
  • Making armor parts unbrekable
  • Changing Player Stats

Some of the effect/features/items added to the game with this mod

  • One Punch Any existing Dino on the Ark (Mod is tested on vanilla dinos, including gigas, but should also work on most mod creatures if they are not "GOD" lvl buffed up)
  • The gloves won't break and so won't you (the gloves neutralize any melee damage dealt to you (like god mode/command)