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Source Files

The source files are on GitHub

Steam Link

This mod or it's newest version can be found on steam on the following LINK

About the Mod

This is a simple mod which adds 3 consumable items(pills) with engrams + 3 additional items with the same effects except no spoil time and they can be only spawn by the admin. The pills are an invention of the Capsule Cooperation and is meant to give you temporarily the power of a Super Saiyan to survive on the ark in the most dangerous scenario.

What can you learn from this mod

  • Work with Buffs from consumable
  • Buffs configurable trough the INI file
  • Side effects for buffs after they are deactivated (applying a side effect buff)
  • Work with emitters to produce a Saiyan like glow on body and hair
  • Changing all sorts of Player Stats (increase and decrease - instantly or over time)

Some of the effect/features/items added to the game with this mod

  • ARK Saiyan Pill - you unlock this engram at lvl 50 and it cost 20 Engram point
  • Blue and Red Pill - available at lvl 90 and 95 (are more powerful than the normal pill, and can be used on while normal pill is active and transform to blue or red and resetting the timer (20min blue/10 min red), more powerful
  • You craft the pills in your inventory
  • Consuming the pill gives you a buff for 20 minutes
  • You take only 10% of the damage you normally would
  • 400 HP regeneration each second
  • Torpor drop is -50 per second
  • Hyper and Hypothermic Insulation +600 each
  • Food and water consumption falls to 0.1%
  • Oxygen drop is reduced to 10%
  • Your speed on land and water is x4
  • Saiyan Pressure Effect- anyone close to you who didn't consume also a saiyan pill gets affected by you, which makes them faint(torpor increase) if they stay for to long close to you
  • You are not affected by Swap fever,hangover or dilo poison while in this state, and this effects will be canceled out when you turn into ARK Saiyan
  • Your Melee Damage gets x50
  • Your Carry Weight gets x50
  • Your Health is increased to by x100 times
  • Your Jump Height is doubled and you can jump out of water much easier(5 times higher jump out of water making you able to jump on a smaller at base or high cliffs)
  • And you get to glow like a real Saiyan :P ( In 3rd person or Camera view :D )
  • After the timeout of 20 minutes, you become the most weakest creature on the ARK for 1 minute:
  • You can't jump
  • You can't activate the effect of the Saiyan pill during this time (so don't waste them - you are warned)
  • Your Food, Water and Stamina drop instantly to 0, so be ready with a bunch of cooked meat and water to Survive this (you will have to eat like Goku :P)
  • Stamina drops -1 per second
  • Torpor increase 0.3 per second + additional normal torpor increase since your food and water will be at ZERO
  • Food and water drop -2 per second + your normal food and water consumption are doubled
  • Hyperthermic and Hypothermic insulation drop by -100 each
  • Speed on land and water drops to 20%
  • Oxygen consumption in water is doubled