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Source Files

The source files are on GitLab

Steam Workshop Page

This mod or it's newest version can be found in the Steam Workshop

About Mod

GTFO checks the charactername for unwanted words, you must determinate those words in your GameUserSettings.ini. GTFO destroys the character and kicks them from the server with a warning message letting them know that they can create a new one with a more appropriated name.

What you can learn from this mod

  • Setup a Singleton ( also known as CCA )
  • How to fire events on Character spawn
  • How to use GameUserSettings
  • Difference between PlayerName, SteamName, PlayerID and SteamID and how to get them
  • Usage of ForEachLoopWithBreak
  • How to modify stats (here set health to -1 to kill)
  • and finally kick a Player