Dino Colorbrush

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Source Files

The source files are on Gitlab

Steam Link

This mod or it's newest version can be found in the Steam Workshop

About the Mod

A mod which adds a paintbrush to colorize any Dino with all vanilla colors. Colors are persistent and breedable, even if you remove the mod (but why would you do this?) And with "any dino" i mean ANY dino. So a new raiding meta is born to colorize the dinos of your enemy :)

What can you learn from this mod

  • adding a new item and engram to the game
  • adding an UI via buff
  • adding child widgets to a main widget for "repeated" work
  • child widget > widget communication
  • widget > buff communication
  • use "AdminCommands" ( players dont need to have adminpermission to get this working )