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How do I send a player to the re-spawn screen?

You need to drag off a shooterplayercontroller object reference and call the Client Show Spawn UI function on the controller.

I have a collision component on an actor but it doesn't seem to be detecting dinos even though it detects players

You need to tick the force overlap events setting in the collision section of the collision component in order for it to respond to dinos.

My devkit crashed when I tried to add a widget to the screen

Widgets only exist on the client in UE4 so you should instead run widget related code on the client either by using a SwitchNetAuthority node or Use a custom event to run on client

I made my widget get added to the viewport on the client but my devkit still crashed you liar!

Modded widgets also must be children from the PrimalUI base class in order for them to work in ark so you just need to reparent your widget to PrimalUI