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How do i get the ARK Devkit?

The only way for the initial download of the ARK Devkit is through the Epic Games Launcher. Do NOT download the version that is on Steam, it is severely outdated and unusable! After the initial download you can either keep it up to date through the Epic Games Launcher or manually through Github and content diff download.

Epic Games Launcher
+ You are able to verify your devkit files in case you messed something up(much like verifying a games files on steam).
+ Easy to use
- Every update requires you to have as much free diskspace as a full install, this is only to start the download of the update regardless of the updates actual size. This can be impossible if you have limited diskspace available.
- Devkit Updates usually take longer until they are available on the Epic Games Launcher.
Manual Updates
+ Gets around the free diskspace problem of the Epic Games Launcher.
+ Updates are available faster.
- No verification of the files.

How do i update the Devkit without the Epic Games Launcher(Github and Content Diff)?

Updates are usually provided first through github(binaries) and a content diff archive. To update you need BOTH the binaries from github and the content diff package and extract them over your Devkit install. Make sure you extract them to the correct folder so they overwrite the existing files.

What files do i need for a mod?

The minimal setup for a mod is:

  • PrimalGameData: - Create a child of PrimalGameDataBP
  • Level: - Create a new blank level file in your mod folder

Open the level file(you will see a black screen, don't worry) and select the "World Settings" tab. If you don't have the tab up go to "Window" in the main menu bar and tick "World Settings". In the world settings look for the "PrimalGameData Override" and set it to the PrimalGameData in your mod folder.


How do i get a "Cast" node?

You need to drag from a blue/purple pin and have the "Context sensitive" checkbox ticked to get the cast to options to show up.


Why do i only see ocean when i load up TheIsland?

By default the editor only loads the TheIsland persistent level to save ressources. You need to load the sublevels you want to see/edit through the "Levels" tab. If you don't see the "Levels" tab go to "Window" in the main menu bar and tick "Levels". That should bring up the tab. You can then load the required sublevels by double-clicking on the name.