Item Crafting Quantities Explained

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When crafting items there are various options that govern what items the process will create and in what quantities.

Item Quantity

The variable ItemQuantity determines the default quantity of the item, if no override is specified. This applies not only to crafting, but to any operation that does not have a default quantity - for example adding a default item to an inventory. This actually makes ItemQuantity a bad choice as it limits the versatility of the item down the road.

Crafting Item Give Count

By default this does nothing, or rather is lower priority than the Item Quantity, but in combination with "Crafting Gives Item Quantity Override" set to 1 (and possibly higher, testing required) it returns the amount set, ignoring ItemQuantity.

Crafting Gives Item Quantity Override

This acts in combination with the "Crafting Item Give Count". Setting this variable to 1 enables using "Crafting Item Give Count".

Craft Dont Actually Give Item

This results in the crafting process not adding the current item to the inventory after crafting is finished. This might seem nonsensical, but is actually a very useful tool. You can create an item that acts strictly as a "template" - crafting it will by default not produce anything. This can be used in combination with "Crafting Additional Items To Give" to create alternative crafting recipes for existing items. The Dung Beetle uses this technique to provide alternative crafting recipes for fertilizer.

Crafting Additional Items To Give

This array allows you to specify additional items to add once crafting is finished. If used in combination with the above option only items specified here will be added. This suffers from the problem mentioned in "Item Quantity" section, it does not specify a quantity and thus always adds the default quantity of the target item. This can lead to trouble when trying to add a lot of items (you will need to add multiple entries) or if a high ItemQuantity is set (you cannot specify fewer items than ItemQuantity).

Event BPCrafted

This is not a variable but an event. To use it you need to enable the variable "Trigger BPCrafted". BPCrafted is fired once crafting is finished and can be used to run additional logic for the item, including "BPIncrementItemTemplateQuantity" to add specific amounts of a certain item.