Landscape Info Mask

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Landscape Info Mask

At times you will use large Static Mesh formations to enhance your landscape and environment. In order to help these objects truly blend in to their surroundings you can set a Landscape Info Mask, which enables a Clutter Layer to be displayed over the surface.

This gives you the option to add foliage where it otherwise would not be without manually placing it with the Foliage Brush.

Landscape Info Mask 2

To learn more about Clutter Layers [[1]]...


1. Select the desired Static Mesh.
2. In the Details tab, scroll down to the Rendering section.
3. Enable Render Landscape Info.
Enable to Render Landscape Info option
4. Return to the top of your Details tab to the Lighting section. Fill in your desired Landscape Info Mask.
Enable Landscape Info Mask


Grass 34 Grass/Sticks 26 Grass/Ferns 255
Grass 34
Grass Sticks 26
Grass Ferns 255
Grass/Fern/Sticks 30 Grass/MudRock 251 Fern 4
Grass Fern Stick 30
Grass Mudrock 251
Fern 4
Fern/Stick 28 Fern/MGrass/Mudrocks 253 MGrass/Stick/MudRock 249
Grass Fern Stick 30
Ferns Sticks Mudrocks 253
Grass Stick Mudrock 249
Sticks 16 (??) Pine 256
Sticks 16
Pine 256

NOTE Clutter Layers appear to function on a 2D level. Be aware that if you place a Static Mesh above Landscape and then apply a Landscape Info Mask, the Clutter Layer below will no longer appear.

Lack of Clutter Layer due to The Above Static Mesh
Clutter Layer failing to display
Clutter Layer failing to display