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Replication Important


Must run on server


Should run on server


Must run on client


Should run on client


Requires Multicasting


ModifyCurrentStatusValue - PrimalCharacterStatusComponent

How to Use

Modifies a Current Stat value on a Player or Dino
If no modifications are made, you can select the Value Type for the Stat you want, and use the Return Value to get that Stats Current Value

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Pin Reference Type Description
Target PrimalCharacterStatusComponent PrimalCharacterStatusComponent Reference (Most likely from a Cast)
Player/Dino CharacterStatusComponents work
Value Type Enum Stat Value to Modify
Ammount Float Value to set for the specified stat's Current Value (Some are in percent! 1.0 = 100%)
Percent of Max Bool Modify the Current Stat using a percentage of the Max Value for the specified stat (Confirmation Needed)
Percent of Current Bool Modify the Current Stat using a percentage of the Current Value for the specified stat (Confirmation Needed)
Manual Modification Bool Needs Further Clarification (Confirmation Needed)
Set Value Bool Change the Value or Read the Value (Confirmation Needed)
Damage Type Class Class Impose a Damage Type when modifying this stat (Confirmation Needed)
Damage Dont Kill Bool Cause Damage, but do not kill the actor (Confirmation Needed)

Pin Reference Type Description
Return Value Float The value being returned for the Current Stat specified.