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This download contains an open-source "base" dinosaur blueprint that newer modders can make child blueprints from. The "base" dino blueprint adds Dino Evolution functionality, allowing players to setup various versions that can be unlocked.

This mod was created and open-sourced by Pikkon38.

Download here!

Author Notes

How to use this file.

Quick explanation: 1. Reparent your dino or any sub-parent (if necessary) from Dino_Character_BP to Evolution_Dino_Character_BP.

In-Depth explanation how to do the above: 1. Close ADK 2. Open a folder local folder in your mod, and paste Evolution_Dino_Character_BP.uasset into it. 3. Open ADK 4. Find the dino you want to evolve from and copy the BP to anothe folder 5. Open the BP 6. Look in the top right corner. If the Parent is Dino_Character_BP, skip to step 8. 7. Assuming it is something other tha Dino_Character_BP, hit the magnifiying glass. Copy this parent to your folder. This parent should have its own parent, which should be Dino_Character_BP. 8. Open whatever file that would normally have Dino_Character_BP as its parent, and go to file > reparent. 9. When the list comes up, reparent it to Evolution_Dino_Character_BP. 10. If you had to reparent something like Pack_Dino_Character_BP, open up your desired dino bp, and repeat step 8 and 9 to reparent your dino to whatever file you just reparented to Evolution_Dino_Character_BP.

Ideally now, you should have a dino that has a parent of Evolution_Dino_character_BP. Or, if, for example, you are using a raptor, the Raptor BP should be parented to your copied Pack_Dino_Character_BP, which in turn has a parent of Evolution_Dino_Character_BP.

Once this is done, everything necessary for item based evolution is now available to you in the blueprint section, with zero need for you to touch any graphing! Below are the explainantions for each property:

Search "Evol"

Ready to Evolve: Ignore. Used Internally. Leave unchecked. Evolve Particle Scale: The size of the particles that will spawn on evolution. Evolve Particle Location: The location on the dino body relative to the assigned bone. Dino to Evole: The dino you want to evolve to. Allow Evolution: Ignore. Used Internally. Leave unchecked. Number of items required to evolve: The amount of the required item before evolution is possible. Evolution Item Required: The item that should be in the dino inventory to allow evolution. Evolve Particle: The particle that should play during evolution. Evolve Particle Attach Point: The bone name the particle should attach to (I.E. Spine_01.). For the correct bone name, look in the dino skeleton, and pick any bone you want. Right click and copy bone name. Evolve Particle Rotation: The rotation of the Particle that plays on evolution Evolve Particle Delay: The time between when the particle starts and when the evolution dino spawns. Use this to time your particle and evolution. Evolve ini Section String: This is the section in your GUS that the game looks for. This should ideally be your mod name. (I.E. PrimalFear). When using it in GUS it will look for [ModName]. Brackets are added automatically Evolve ini Option Name: The option under the section name the game looks for. This is specifically for user control over the Number of Items Required To Evolve. You shouldnt need to touch this unless you want to change the name, but it will always look for number of items required.


Control + X

(This is unfortunately unchangeable unless you go into the graph)

-- Pikkon38