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The Pigment Map is a top-down render of the entire landscape that can be used in materials to tie objects to the ground. This prevents assets like grass from looking like they are floating.

PigmentMap 01.jpg


The following materials currently have support for the Pigment Map, which is applied in UV space based on a vertical (V) gradient. This means the colorization is strongest at the bottom of the 0-1 UV space, and lighter at the top:

Material'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreMaterials/MasterMaterials/MM_Foliage_GroundClutter.MM_Foliage_GroundClutter' Material'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreMaterials/MasterMaterials/MM_GroundClutter.MM_GroundClutter'

The Material Function for the Pigment Map is:



The pigment map currently requires Simplygon to create. We may open this up to custom map authors soon, so that new pigment maps can be generated.