Underwater Caves

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Underwater Cave Setup Tutorial

This Underwater Cave Tutorial will guide you through to setting up your underwater cave with everything you need! You will be needing a 'Post Process Volume' which will let the game know your wanting the area to not make you see the underwater particles. You will also be needing a Physics Volume to let the game know not to make you swim. You will also need to use SphereReflectionCaptures to change the lighting of your cave! :)

Follow the steps correctly !

  • Create a Post Process Volume on the 'Persistent Level', * Do not get confused by PersistentGameplaySublevel *
  • Place it where you don't want people to see the underwater particles. * You can place multiple Post Process Volumes to make sure every bit of the underwater cave is covered by it *
  • On your Post Process Volume, change the Priority to '3'
  • *Optional* If you want sound in your Underwater cave, apply sound on your Post Process Volume with the sound 'CaveAmbience'
  • On the Post Process Volume, set the 'Min Brightness' to '0.5' and the 'Max Brightness' to '0.7'
  • Go to the Scene Outliner, and search for your Post Process Volume. Once you have found it, right click it and hit 'Add Event', Then add the OnPostProcessVolumeEntered and OnPostProcessVolumeLeft, this will take you to the Persistent Level Graph. What you want to do with these two Post Process Volume Events is hook them up with the graph code I have shown in the image on the right. The image shows how it should look when you have connected the Post Process Volumes Entered and Left on the sequence * Copy that graph code * > > >
    Cave Graph.png
The Post Process Volume is now complete! Moving on to the Physics Volume setup!
  • Create a Physics Volume on the 'Persistent Level'
  • Place it correctly to how you want it scaled etc. * You can once again place multiple Physics Volumes to make sure it covers the cave to your liking! :) *
  • On your Physics Volume, change the Priority to '3'
  • Tick the 'Physics on Contact'
  • Change 'Physics Min Walkable Floor Z' to '0.51'
The Physics volume is now set! Moving to the SphereReflectionCaptures!
  • You can find the SphereReflectionCapture by searching for it under the 'Search Classes' * Under modes tab *
  • Place the SphereReflectionCapture to the area you want to darken the lighting.
  • You will see options on the SphereReflectionCapture, changing the radius of how far the lighting changes and the intensity of it!
  • Easy and simple for you to set up to your liking :)