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What data can stack from extra stacked Mods? Specifically, these values are currently stacked (with the first mod listed functioning as normal with complete PrimalGameData, and then the next mods in order taking precedence over the later listed ones):

  • Remap_NPC += InMergeCanidate->Remap_NPC;
  • Remap_SupplyCrates += InMergeCanidate->Remap_SupplyCrates;
  • Remap_ResourceComponents += InMergeCanidate->Remap_ResourceComponents;
  • Remap_NPCSpawnEntries += InMergeCanidate->Remap_NPCSpawnEntries;
  • Remap_Engrams += InMergeCanidate->Remap_Engrams;
  • Remap_Items += InMergeCanidate->Remap_Items;
  • AdditionalEngramBlueprintClasses += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalEngramBlueprintClasses;
  • AdditionalStructuresToPlace += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalStructuresToPlace;
  • AdditionalStructureEngrams += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalStructureEngrams;