Add Custom Admin Commands

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Create custom Admin Commands


1. Create "EventBeginPlay"

2. Create Delay

3. Create Switch has Authority

4. Create "GetGameMode"

5. Create "Bind Event to OnActorCustomEvent"

6. Connect "EventBeginPlay" and "GetGameMode" with the "Bind Event to OnActorCustomEvent"

7. Pull a line from the "Event" Pin (From "Bind Event to OnActorCustomEvent") and create a "Custom Event for Dispatcher" and rename it to whatever you want

8. Pull a line from the "Instigator Actor" Pin (From your new custom event) and add a "CastToShooterPlayerController". Then Connect it with your custom event

9. Create "GetGameMode" and pull of a line from there and add "CastToShooterGameMode"

10. Now add an "IsPlayerAllowedToCheat" and connect the target pin with the "CastToShooterGameMode" and the For Player pin with the "CastToShooterPlayerController

11. Then add a branch and and connect the return value of "IsPlayerAllowedToCheat" with the condition and the "True" with the "Switch on int"

12. Pull a line from the "Event Custom String" Pin (From your custom event)and add a "SwitchOnString"

13. Click on the Add Pin an type in whatever you want the command to be called. In my example it´s "AdminKiste". You cann add as much commands as you want. Just click on the Add Pin and add your command name to it

14. Now just add your logic and connect it to your command name.

To execute the cheat you have to type that in the console "Cheat ScriptCommand YourCommandName"