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Workshop Page

Source Files

The source files are on Google Drive

Steam Workshop Page

EzForge+ : Steam Workshop

About Mod

EZForge+: Adds an ankylo that automaticly smelts metal into metal ingots as you harvest it and given Ingredients for gasoline will auto craft gasoline in its inventory as well.

What you can learn from this mod

  • Status Modifiers Via Ini Thru Event graphing on dino.
  • How to Setup an Auto Crafting Inventory component for a dino.
  • How to add Emissives to a dino's materials
  • How to edit damage types of a dino as well as make it give live birth instead of laying fertized eggs.
  • How to edit status component on the dino to allow it to level things it normally wouldnt be able to (crafting speed)
  • How to use particle effects on a dinosaur to adds "Aura" effects to it.
  • How to Use NPCSpawnContainer Addition section of PGD to setup spawner.
  • How to make custom craftable items and use them in the auto craft inventory to change ingredients of vanilla resources
  • How to add said custom Item bps to the dinos inventory to show up ONLY with a saddle equipped so that they can be used to restart the auto craft if it stalls.