New Engrams for existing Structures

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Here is my solution to stay stackable and still add new engrams to vanilla structures like the smithy. To do that I'm going to use the part of Additional Structure Engrams which is working - adding the engram to newly placed structures - , and cook the map as a map extension to do the other part - adding the engram to existing structures after a restart.

First make sure you add your Engram to the target structure using Primal Game Data like this: NewEngramsExistingStructure1.png

The naming of Additional Structure Engrams might suggest that you are supposed to add an Engram, but it really wants the item itself.

For the next step you need a map extension level. If you don't already have an extension map then create a new Level in /Game/Maps/TheIslandSubMaps. If you do have one make sure it's not containing any refrence to PrimalGameData, as that will cause your mod to disable all engrams of other mods on dedicated servers. Then open the blueprint of the level and create a new function: NewEngramsExistingStructure2.png NewEngramsExistingStructure3.png

  1. Put the class of the structure you want to modify here
  2. This cast should be to the class of the structure you want to modify
  3. Put all items you want to add into this array
  4. These are the recommended settings for things like the Smithy, you may want to modify them if you plan to add new Blueprints to e.G. a campfire.

After this is done the last thing you need to do is call this function. I'll be using a timer for this to ensure that every structure has been loaded. The best place to call your function will be Begin Play in the Level blueprint. NewEngramsExistingStructure4.jpg

And thats it, your engrams should now appear where they are supposed to be. As an added bonus this will also fix ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts for all items added this way.