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I dont know who start this but someone made "Resource Maps" for all official and 2 custom maps.
After i don't get any response from him i asked Mezzo to make this tool.


Resource Map from ShigoIslands.
How the informations look in the Output Log.
Calculating the coordinates with excel.

Download the ResourceLocations files. File:ResourceLocations.7z

1.Put this BP_ResourceLocations into your map.
2.Temporarily reassign all Near and Underwater levels to the Layer "Uncategorized".
3.Start the Pie.
4.Open the Console with "TAB".
5.Enter "cheat scriptcommand scanresource <MeshName>".

 for example: cheat scriptcommand scanresource OilRock_1

6.Open the OutputLog Window>Output Log.
7.In the Log you now see the X/Y/Z position of every Foliage Mesh with the name you choose.
8.Copy them and past them into an excel sheet. (open office is fine too)
9.Find a Math way to change the Unrealunits to Coordinate system in ark.

 My way was "Longitude Orgin" + "Latitude Orgin" / 100
             "-478117.0" + "-478117.0" = -956234 / 100 = 9562,34 *forget the Minus
 The Unrealunits goes on my map from -478117.0 to +478117.0 so how to use this on a coordinate system ?
 When you got X=-107122.875 Y=252728.297 i used 
 X (-107122.875)/9562,34+50 = 38.8
 Y (252728.297)/9562,34+50 = 76.4
 Remember: X = Longitude and Y = Latitude so you need to switch both for a normal read in ark

10.Make a copy of the "Edit source" from
11.Make a new Page with the Matching Map title.
12.Upload your "M" Map (MiniMap Artwork) to (.Jpg)
13.Now enter all your files in the same system there.

    "| 30.3, 27.7, crystal"  <--- coordinates of a crystal node
 Remind my way only work for Maps where 50/50 is the X=0/Y=0 point. 
 If your map have it on another place you need to find your own calculations