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...and what they are used for

Wildcard have for there maps good organized sublevels. In this list you find informations about what is in the levels.


Mapname Streaming Distance Used for:
XX_Far_WIP 50.000 Foliage Trees, Big Static Meshes with higher LOD
XX_Near 20.000 Cave Entrances, Rock formations around the Entrance, VFX Effects, ReflectionCapture (for CaveEntrance)
XX_Near_WIP 20.000 Near Foliage (Gras, Bushes, Rocks), IBL Spheres, Ambient Sounds, VFX Effects, Ruins
BossArena_XX 1 Boss Arena, Meshes, Foliage, VFX Effects, SFX Sounds, ReflectionCapture, Blocking Volumes
Cave_XX 1 Cave, Meshes, Foliage, VFX Effects, SFX Sounds, ReflectionCapture, Blocking Volumes
Endgame_XX 1 Final credits Effects and Meshes needed for the End squence
LandscapeSublevel 50.000 Landscape, Ground Clutter Layer
MasterIBLXXX 50.000 MasterIBLs only needed if you use IBL Spheres in the Near_WIP
Obelisks 50.000 Obelisks, Lights, VFX Effects, SFX Sounds
PersistentGameplaySublevel 50.000 Ocean Physics, Level Bounds, Cave Biomes
PersistentGameplaySublevel_Biomes 50.000 Biome Zone Volumes, Destroy Volumes
PersistentGameplaySublevel_Dinospawns 50.000 Water and Land Dino Spawns
PersistentGameplaySublevel_SupplyDrops 50.000 Supply Drops, Ocean Drops, Cave Drops
RiversAndLakes 50.000 River / Lake Planes, Floating Ice Meshes
RiversAndLakesPhysics 50.000 Physics Volumes for Rivers / Lakes
TheIsland Mainmap file Daycycle / Weather BPs, Cave / Boss Arena Toggles, Enter / Left Water BPs, TileStreaming Volumes, Tek Cave Managment, Structure Prevention Volumes, Boss Teleporter / Tribute Terminals, Lake / Cave / Arena PostProcessVolumes, Player Starts
theisland_ruins 50.000 Explorer Notes
UnderWater_XXX 20.000 Meshes and Underwater Foliage, Underwater Caves (the Small), Ambient Sounds (Ocean)
VolcanoEntrance 1 Tek Cave Entrance Area, Ground Meshes, Decor Meshes around the entrance
WorldEnd 1 Moon for Extinction Event